Because of Winn-Dixie Learning Guide Chapter 6
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Because of Winn-Dixie Chapter 6
Question #1: Read the sentence and choose the best answer for the word "memorial".

The family attended a memorial gathering for their great aunt.
Question #2: How does Opal keep Winn Dixie from getting lonely outside the library?
Question #3: Describe Miss Franny using 3 adjectives and explain why. Your answer should be about 4 sentences long.
Question #4: What does Miss Franny think she sees in the window? Describe her reaction.
Question #5: Miss Franny says she had a bad experience in the library. She then tells Opal the story. Predict what she will say when she tells the story of the bear and the library.
Question #6: Opal invites Winn-Dixie into the library before Miss Franny could say yes or no to the dog coming in. Did Opal do the right thing? Explain your thinking.
Question #7: Usually dogs aren't allowed into public places like libraries. What is your view on this? Should dogs be allowed to go into the library? Explain your thinking.
Your answer should be about 4 sentences long.

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