ELA G9 CST: Terri’s Letter to the Principal
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ELA G9 CST: Terri's Letter to the Principal
Question #1: Read the following sentence.

Although I certainly realize that we cannot turn the exterior of our school into a botanical garden, "absolutely we can surely add more beauty to its surroundings".

What is the BEST way to change the structure of the " " part of the sentence?
Question #2: Read this sentence.

Many homes and apartments in our neighborhood have "a lot of" landscaping.

Which word would BEST replace the " " words in the sentence and make it more precise?
Question #3: Which sentence is NOT consistent with the overall tone of the letter?
Question #4: Terri has noticed that she has used variations of the word "beauty" frequently in her letter and made a list of synonyms she might use instead.
Which word below has she spelled incorrectly?

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