Holes Chapter 27-28
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Holes Chapter 27-28
Question #1: In Chapter 27, how has racism changed over the years when the boys teased Stanley and Zero? Support your answer with lines in the text.
Question #2: What kindness does Mr. Pendanski show Stanley?
Question #3: Why does Stanley sometimes hope that the warden is watching them?
Question #4: Where does Mr. Sir go after he fills Stanley's canteen?
Question #5: Which is worse - having nothing to drink or having a full canteen of water but scared to drink from it? Explain your answer if you were Stanley.
Question #6: What is Zero's real name? What is the significance of Zero's real name to Stanley's family history?
Question #7: How has Green Lake changed when Kate Barlow returns after twenty years?Support your answer with lines from the text.
Question #8: Why do you think Kate Barlow has felt cold all her life?
Question #9: Do you think Kate would ever have told Trout where her money was? Why?
Question #10: Why do you think Kate died laughing?

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