Holes Chapter 31-34
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Holes Quiz Chapter 31-34
Question #1: What are Stanley's worries when he considers making a deal with the warden?
Question #2: Why do you think the warden wants to destroy Zero's records?
Question #3: Do you think Stanley cares about Zero? Why? Support your answer with evidence.
Question #4: Do you agree that Stanley stealing the truck is the "stupidest thing he had ever done in his short and miserable life?' Why? Explain your answer using evidence in the text.
Question #5: Do you think it is a good idea for Stanley to run away after he crashes? Why?
Question #6: Why does Stanley think he should only go halfway as far as he feels he can?
Question #7: What is the difference between the holes at the camp and the holes outside the compound?
Question #8: What strange object does Stanley come across? Where do you think it comes from?
Question #9: In the beginning of Chapter 31, why is Stanley angry with himself? What change in Stanley's attitude towards fate does this show? Show an example of this change in Chapter 32.
Question #10: Three times in Chapter 31, the phrase "it wasn't impossible occurs. What isn't impossible? What is the purpose of using repetition in this section of reading?

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