Holes Chapter 35-36
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Holes Quiz Chapter 35-36
Question #1: How has Zero survived in the desert?
Question #2: Explain what you think the sploosh might be
Question #3: What evidence is there that Barf Bag may have purposely stepped on a rattlesnake?
Question #4: Do you think Zero is right about not returning to camp? Why?
Question #5: Why did Stanley and Zero make frequent stops as they walked across the lake?
Question #6: According to Zero how did the boat probably get its name?
Question #7: What does Stanley do to distract Zero from his pain?
Question #8: What worries Stanley most about dying?
Question #9: Do you think the boys make a good team? How does this help them, explain using evidence from the text.
Question #10: In Literature, a symbol is something which stands for or suggests something else. Symbolically, what does Big Thumb represent for Stanley and Zero?

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