Holes Chapter 37-38
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Holes Quiz Chapter 37-38
Question #1: What is Stanley worried will happen when they reach the Big Thumb?
Question #2: Why does Stanley not want to stop and rest?
Question #3: How does Stanley figure out there is water close by?
Question #4: Why do you think Stanley tells Zero he has ordered him a sundae?
Question #5: How does Stanley discover the mud?
Question #6: Do you think Stanley is a generous character? Support your answer with lines from the text.
Question #7: When Stanley is climbing, he thinks 'only about each step and not the impossible task before him'. What is his way of finishing a task that seem too large?
Question #8: Where do you think Stanley's strength comes from as he crosses the lake and the mountain?
Question #9: Which sentence best show that Zero is in very poor health?
Question #10: When Stanley falls down at the beginning of Chapter 38, he wonders if he will get up again. At the end of the Chapter, Stanley is full of hope. At which point does Stanley's emotions change?

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