Holes Chapter 48-50
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Holes Chapter 48-50
Question #1: What does the warden say to try to get Stanley to open the suitcase?
Question #2: What do you think will happen to Zero is he is left behind?
Question #3: Why do the lizards not bite Stanley and Zero?
Question #4: Do you think it's a coincidence that rain falls for the first time in one hundred years at the end of Chapter 49?
Question #5: Poetic justice is when justice is served in an ironic manner. For example, in Hamlet, Laertes used a poisoned sword in a fight with Hamlet but ends up being poisoned by his own sword.

How is the future of Camp Green Lake an example of poetic justice?
Question #6: At the end of Chapter 49, how do we know that justice has been served? Support your answer with examples and evidence from the book.
Question #7: What is significant about the day Stanley's father invents his cure for foot fungus? What does this suggest?
Question #8: Who do you think is the woman fluffling Zero's hair at the end of the story?
Question #9: How has Stanley's experience at Camp Green Lake changed him?
Question #10: Choose your favorite scene in the book and rewrite to include yourself. Remember to include at least ONE narrative techniques like dialogue, flashback, foreshadowing or figurative language in your writing.

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