Holes Chapter 42-44
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Holes Chapter 42-44
Question #1: Do you think things would be different for Zero if the mother at Laney Park had been kind to him? How?
Question #2: Why did Zero fill the bottom of the hole with rocks?
Question #3: Explain the bitter smell that Stanley had first detected upon reaching the top of the hill.
Question #4: Stanley feels terror rush to him when he sees the compound. Do you think it's worth taking the risk? Why or why not?
Question #5: What was Stanley alluding to when he asked Zero if he wanted to dig one more hole?
Question #6: Why do you think Stanley feels glad that Zero put the shoes on the car that day?
Question #7: How do both boys show their stubbornness on the way down?
Question #8: Explain the significance of Zero mentioning that his mother had sung a lullaby similar to the one Stanley's mother had sung to him.
Question #9: As Zero tells his story in Chapter 41, Stanley sits eating an onion one layer at a time. Halfway through the story the author wrote
"Stanley peeled off another layer of his onion."

How is peeling an onion an appropriate metaphor for what is happening in Chapter 41?
Question #10: In Chapter 42, Zero suggests that Big Thumb must have water in it, because "water doesn't run uphill."
What is the significance of this statement?

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