Learning Grammar Lesson 3 Adverb Result Part 2
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Learning Grammar Lesson 3 Adverb Result Part 2
Question #1: Mr Woods drank too much. He could not drive home.
____________________ so much that ____________________
Question #2: Mrs Dass is a kind lady. Everyone likes her.
____________________ such a kind lady that ____________________
Question #3: The restaurant serves delicious food. The customers keep coming back.
____________________ such delicious food that ____________________
Question #4: The dress was too expensive. She decided not to buy it.
____________________ so expensive that ____________________
Question #5: The cinema was very dark. I could not see the steps in front of me.
____________________ so dark that ____________________
Question #6: The movie was very scary. Someone in the audience fainted.
____________________ so scary that ____________________
Question #7: The children rushed to the bus stop. They did not want to miss the school bus.
____________________ so that ____________________
Question #8: The dog barked very fiercely. All of us were afraid to go near it.
____________________ so fiercely that ____________________