Lesson Test 2: Cuts and How They Heal
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Lesson Test 2: Cuts and How They Heal
Question #1: Read the dictionary entry below.

cell (sel) noun 1. a small room in a jail.
2. the smallest part of a living being.
3. an object that produces electric energy.
4. a small group of people who work together for a secret cause.

Which meaning of cell is used in this passage?
Question #2: In this passage, the author compares the platelets, white blood cells, and fibroblasts to ___________________.
Question #3: There are 5 steps in healing a cut.

Step 1: A cut opens in your skin

Step 2: Platelets rush to the cut

Step 3: A scab forms

Step 4 : ________________________

Step 5: Collagen fills the cut

Which sentence goes in Step 4?
Question #4: Read this sentence from the passage.

You can’t see the workers because they are microscopic, but this is what they do.

In the word microscopic, the prefix micro means _______________________.
Clue: Look for clues in the sentence to help you find the meaning
Question #5: Which of these fight germs?

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