Lesson Test 4: Bloomers
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Lesson Test 4: Bloomers
Question #1: What is the main idea of this passage?
Clue: The main idea can appear in the first or last paragraph of an article
Question #2: Why did women stop wearing bloomers?
Clue: Look for the reason toward the end of the passage.
Question #3: What can you tell about woman's clothes in the 1850s?
Clue: Look for details that describe women's clothes
Question #4: Which detail shows that Libby Miller and Elizabeth Stanton were strong and independent?
Clue: Find something that both of these women did.
Question #5: The author of this passage probably does NOT agree with __________________.
Clue: Think about how the author describes different people in this passage.
Question #6: Read the sentence from the article.

Many people looked down on her for wearing such a strange outfit.

What does this sentence mean?
Clue: How did people feel about women who wore bloomers?

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