The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Chapter 13
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The Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe Chapter 13
Question #1: Fill in the blanks with the correct vocabulary words.

a. The leopard told Aslan that a messenger from the enemy ____________________________.

b. The Dwarf said that the Witch requested ________________________________ to come and meet with Aslan.

c. Mr. Beaver was offended by the ____________________________ of the Witch calling herself the Queen of Narnia.

d. The Witch said she had a right to kill anyone who committed ________________________, and that Edmund’s life was ____________________________ to her.

e. After talking privately with Aslan, the Witch __________________________ her claim on Edmund.
Question #2: What happened before the White Witch could carry out her plans to Edmund?
Question #3: What did Aslan do with Edmund?
Question #4: ” After that Edmund heard a strange noise - whizz whizz - whizz. For a moment he couldn’t think what it was. Then he realized. It was the sound of a knife being sharpened.“
What figurative language is being described?
Question #5: "And next you would have thought that the stump did look really remarkably like a little fat man crouching on the ground."
What figurative language is being used?
Question #6: What did White Witch want from Aslan's camp?
Question #7: How did White Witch and Dwarf escape?
Question #8: What does the law of Deep Magic demand?
Question #9: What was Aslan's response to White Witch's request for her traitor?
Question #10: Prediction: “But how do I know this promise will be kept?” What do you think Aslan did to save Edmund?

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