The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Chapter 6
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The Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe Chapter 6
Question #1: Explain what the idioms mean in Chapter 6. Your answer should look like this : 1. xxxx 2. xxxx

1. “But they all felt a good deal warmer and each thought the others looked better in their new ___________________________________ and more suitable to the landscape.”

2. “The moment the words were out of his mouth he realized that he had ___________________________________.”

3. “… but Edmund was saying to himself, “I’ll___________________________________ for this, you pack of stuck-up, self-satisfied prigs.”

4. “’This is a pretty good ___________________________________,’ said Edmund…”

5. “’It is all on ___________________________________ that the poor Faun has got into this trouble.’”

6. “’ ___________________________________!’ said Peter. ‘I hadn’t thought of that.’”
Question #2: What were the first clue that something was happening in the wardrobe?
Question #3: How did the fur coats look on the children?
Question #4: How did Edmund give away the fact that he has been to Narnia?
Question #5: What was Peter's reaction towards Edmund when he realised Edmund had lied about being in Narnia?
Question #6: What did the children find when they went to Mr. Tumnus's cave?
Question #7: What happened to Mr. Tumnus?
Question #8: What was Peter worried about and why did he trust the bird?
Question #9: What concern did Edmund have that he shared with Peter?
Question #10: Do you agree with the children's decision to stay and save Mr. Tumnus?Why or why not, please give your opinion and choose a side.

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