The Secret Garden Chapter 15
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The Secret Garden Quiz Chapter 15
Question #1: What do you think this chapter's title "Nest building" refer to?
Question #2: What two things does Mary want to find out about Colin?
Question #3: Why doesn't Colin like it when people look at him?
Question #4: Who are Captain and Soot?
Question #5: What happened when Dickon and Mary are in the secret garden talking?
Question #6: Why did Dickon say " we munnot stir.....we munnot breathe" to Mary? What did he mean by that?
Question #7: What is Mary's plan for Colin that she shared with Dickon?
Question #8: What did Dickon share with Mary about what his mother thought?
Question #9: Read this sentence:

“Colin’s so afraid of it himself that he won’t sit up,” said Mary. “He says he’s always thinking that if he should feel a lump coming he should go crazy and scream himself to death.”

Based on what Mary said, what do you think of Colin's character?
Question #10: Explain why Dickon is very similar to the robin? Think in terms of nest building.

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