The Secret Garden Chapter 17
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The Secret Garden Quiz Chapter 17
Question #1: Which three phrases best summarize Chapter 17?
Question #2: Why does the nurse come to get Mary?
Question #3: Which word best describe the nurse at the end of Chapter 17?
Question #4: How does Mary calm Colin down and put an end to his tantrum?
Question #5: Based on the events of the story, which of the following seems most likely?
Question #6: The tone of Chapter 17 can best be described as ________________.
Question #7: Read this line from Chapter17.

Perhaps they are coming up through the grass— perhaps there are clusters of purple crocuses and gold ones—even now. Perhaps the leaves are beginning to break out and uncurl—and perhaps—the gray is changing and a green gauze veil is creeping—and creeping over— everything. And the birds are coming to look at it—because it is—so safe and still. And perhaps—perhaps—perhaps—" very softly and slowly indeed, "the robin has found a mate—and is building a nest.

This is an example of _____________.
Question #8: Read this sentence from Chapter 17.

Would you like me to sing you that song I learned from my Ayah?" Mary whispered to Colin. His hand pulled hers gently and he turned his tired eyes on her appealingly. "Oh, yes!" he answered. "It's such a soft song. I shall go to sleep in a minute."

What do you think "appealingly" means in the sentence above?
Question #9: Choose the correct synonyms for the word "Appealing".
Question #10: Which does not describe "appealing"?

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