The Secret Garden Chapter 4
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The Secret Garden Quiz Chapter 4
Question #1: The main idea of Chapter 4 is__________________.
Question #2: Which word best describes Mary's feelings about the servants?
Question #3: Read the sentence below.

“Mr. Craven had it shut when his wife died so sudden. He won’t let no one go inside. It was her garden. He locked th’ door an’ dug a hole and buried th’ key.

What does this say about Mr. Craven's character?
Question #4: Why did Ben Weatherstaff's sour face changed and started smiling at Mary?
Question #5: Read the sentence below.

"It is a Yorkshire habit to say what you think with blunt frankness, and old Ben Weatherstaff was a Yorkshire moor man."

What blunt truth did Ben Weatherstaff speak of about Mary?
Question #6: How are Mary and the robin alike?
Question #7: Ben is most like which of the following characters from "Because of Winn-Dixie?"
Question #8: How does the setting mirror Mary's emotions? Use details from the text to support your answer.
Question #9: Read the sentences below:

My mother always said she couldn't see why grand people's children didn't turn out fair fools—what with nurses an' bein' washed an' dressed an' took out to walk as if they was puppies!

Choose which figurative language is used in the sentences. [Select two answers.]
Question #10: Why do you think the author uses Yorkshire dialect in the story?

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