The Secret Garden Chapter 5
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The Secret Garden Quiz Chapter 5
Question #1: What is Mary's day like in Chapter 5? Does she enjoy it ? Support your answer from evidence in the text.
Question #2: What effect did the daily walks have on Mary?
Question #3: What was the reason Martha gave to explain why Mr. Craven hated the garden?
Question #4: The garden was a place of __________to Mr. and Mrs. Craven.
Question #5: Which sentence does not belong?

(A) The garden belonged to Mrs. Craven. (B)She and Mr. Craven spent hours in the garden. (C) Mrs. Craven loved to sit on a bent branch of an old tree and read. (D) One day the branch broke and Mrs. Craven fell. (E) She was badly hurt in the fall. (F) The next day Mrs. Craven died from her injuries.
Question #6: Read this passage.

… when she sat down to her breakfast she did not glance disdainfully at her porridge and push it away, but took up her spoon and began to eat it and went on eating it until her bowl was empty.

What does disdainfully mean?
Question #7: Rewrite this passage using correct subject verb agreement.

Our children plays with sticks and stones. They just runs about an' shouts an' looks at things.
Question #8: What sound did Mary hear coming from the corridor?
Question #9: Read this passage from Chapter 5.

It must mean that hollow shuddering sort of roar which rushed round and round the house as if the giant no one could see were buffeting it and beating at the walls and windows to try to break in.

Which types of figurative language are used in this passage? There is more than two answers.
Question #10: Do you think Martha knows the truth about someone crying in the corridor? Support your answer with evidence from the text.

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