The Secret Garden Chapter 7
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The Secret Garden Quiz Chapter 7
Question #1: The biggest obstacle Mary must face is ____________.
Question #2: Which word best describes the relationship between Martha and Mary?
Question #3: Read this passage from Chapter 7.

"Perhaps it has been buried for ten years," she said in a whisper. "Perhaps it is the key to the garden!"

Chapter 7 ends with which of the following literary devices?
Question #4: Read this sentence:

“Could I ever get there?” asked Mary wistfully, looking through her window at the far-off blue.

What is the meaning of "wistfully" and why do you think Mary feels so?
Question #5: Which book character is Mary most like?
Question #6: After saying she likes Martha's mother and Dickon, why did she say "He wouldn't like me, No one does?"
Question #7: Read this passage from Chapter 7.

"Th' storm's over for a bit. It does like this at this time o' th' year. It goes off in a night like it was pretendin' it had never been here an' never meant to come again.

Which type of figurative language is used?
Question #8: Sequence the following events in the correct order.

___Mary realizes that she was born about the same time the garden was locked up.

___ Mary finds Ben working in the garden.

___ Mary finds a tarnished key.

___ Martha asks Mary if she likes herself.

___ Mary asks Martha if she might one day go with her to visit her family.
Question #9: Write a “someone wanted but so” statement to summarize Chapter 7.

Someone- character
Wanted- goal
But- conflict
So- resolution
Question #10: Do you believe it's fate or destiny that Mary found the key or it was pure luck? Explain your answer using references from the book.

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