Because of Winn-Dixie Learning Guide Chapter 1
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Because of Winn-Dixie Chapter 1
Question #1: What is a theme in a story?
Question #2: In the book it writes "All the Winn-Dixie employees turned around and looked at me, and I knew I had done something big. And maybe stupid, too. But I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t let the dog go to the pound." What does the pound mean?
Question #3: In the book, it writes “ You are a mess,” I told him. “ I bet you don’t belong to anybody.” What kind of dog is Winn-Dixie?
Question #4: Contrast the manager's first reaction to the dog with India Opal's first reaction to the dog. Use examples from Chapter 1 to explain your thinking.
Question #5: Do you think India Opal's decision to claim the dog as her own is a good one? Explain your answer with specific reasons.

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