Practice Test 3: The Beach
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The Beach Practice Test 3
Question #1: What is this poem mostly about?
Clue: Read the beginning of the poem again.
Question #2: Line 6 says, "It's a jewel of a day."

This is an example of____________.
Clue: Think about how the poet describes the day.
Question #3: Which lines from the poem make the water seem alive?
Question #4: Which words from the poem are synonyms?
Clue: Find the two words that have the same meaning.
Question #5: In “Beach Time,” how does the speaker’s sense of time change toward the end of the poem?
Clue: Look for details in the words used by the poet.
Question #6: What theme, or message, is expressed in this poem?
Clue :Think about the lesson you can learn from what happens.

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