Practice Test 5: Maharaja’s Jester
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Practice Test 5: Maharaja's Jester
Question #1: Which word from the passage means almost the same as fool?
Clue: Who is called a 'fool' in the story?
Question #2: Why did Gopal have a mud hut with straw for a roof?
Clue: Go back to the beginning of the story to find the answer.
Question #3: The maharaja hired Gopal to ______________.
Clue: What is Gopal's job?
Question #4: What is the main problem in this story?
Clue: Think about why Gopal's wife complains.
Question #5: How is the problem solved?
Clue: Look at the ending of the story
Question #6: What does Gopal do that shows how clever he is?

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