Module 1Passage Quiz
wpClass 1Passage 1: In the Band
wpClass 2Passage 2: Animal Ways
wpClass 3Passage 3: Doris Practices
wpClass 4Passage 4: Wise about Words
wpClass 5Passage 5: Home, Sweet Home
wpClass 6Passage 6: Trucks on the Runway
wpClass 7Passage 7: Rosa's Surprise
wpClass 8Passage 8: Aibo and Fido
wpClass 9Passage 9: Factory Fun
wpClass 10Passage 10: Long-Ago Trains
wpClass 11Passage 11: Meet Stegosaurus
wpClass 12Passage 12: Winds of the World
wpClass 13Passage 13: Two Planets
wpClass 14Passage 14: Harry's Show
wpClass 15Passage 15: Cranes Calling
wpClass 16Passage 16: Meet the Marsupials
wpClass 17Passage 17: Good Advice
wpClass 18Passage 18: Monkey Trouble
wpClass 19Passage 19: Mystery Footprints
wpClass 20Passage 20: Cookie Alert
wpClass 21Passage 21: Family Fun on the Nile
wpClass 22Passage 22: Let's Go Camping
wpClass 23Passage 23: Meet Princess
wpClass 24Passage 24: Bandit Birds
wpClass 25Passage 25: Fast and Faster
wpClass 26Passage 26: A Mighty Snake
wpClass 27Passage 27: Washtub Race
wpClass 28Passage 28: Space Junk
wpClass 29Passage 29: Dining Out
wpClass 30Passage 30: Goats as Firefighters
wpClass 31Passage 31: A Popular Water Sport
wpClass 32Passage 32: That Chilly Feeling
wpClass 33Passage 33: Silly Laws
wpClass 34Passage 34: Monster Story
wpClass 35Passage 35: A Tense Moment
wpClass 36Passage 36: Place Names
wpClass 37Passage 37: Paul and Bill
wpClass 38Passage 38: The Ice-Cream Worker
wpClass 39Passage 39: Talking on Trains
wpClass 40Passage 40: Jessie's Job