Level 1 provides step-by-step guidance to help students find the answer to each question, as in the sample below. The tips are detailed and thorough. Some of the tips are designed to help students read through and
understand the passage, and others are written specifically for each reading question to help students figure out the answers.

Module 1Level 1 : Lesson Tests
wpClass 1Lesson Test 1: The Pot of Milk
wpClass 2Lesson Test 2: Cuts and How They Heal
wpClass 3Lesson Test 3: Shelter
wpClass 4Lesson Test 4: Bloomers
wpClass 5Lesson Test 5: A New Day-Care Center
wpClass 6Lesson Test 6: Meet the Jelly
Module 2Level 2: Practice Tests
wpClass 1Practice Test 1: The Garden
wpClass 2Practice Test 2: What's the Most Important Bone?
wpClass 3Practice Test 3: Fox and Big Red Hen
wpClass 4Practice Test 4: Scientists Discover the World's Largest Bugs
wpClass 5Practice Test 5: Maharaja's Jester
wpClass 6Practice Test 6: Animal Smarts
Module 3Level 3 : Simulated Tests
wpClass 1Mock Test 1: A Special Pet
wpClass 2Mock Test 2: Nature's Helicopter
wpClass 3Mock Test 3: Edmund's Lucky Break
wpClass 4Mock Test 4: I'll Go and Do More