Module 1ELA G9
wpClass 1ELA G9 CST: A Visit with the Folks
wpClass 2ELA G9 CST: Escape from Treasure Mountain
wpClass 3ELA G9 CST: excerpt from "Breaking the Barrier"
wpClass 4ELA G9 CST: manufacturing of Blue Jeans
wpClass 5ELA G9 CST: Carrier Pigeons
wpClass 6ELA G9 CST: excerpt from "Trapped"/Identity
wpClass 7ELA G9 CST: Run for a Better Life
wpClass 8ELA G9 CST: The Constitution is Born
wpClass 9ELA G9 CST: Map Artist Tutorial
wpClass 10ELA G9 CST: Help on the Hoof/The Guide Horse Training Process
wpClass 11ELA G9 CST: Oration in Memory of Abraham Lincoln/The Death of Lincoln
wpClass 12ELA G9 CST: David's Letter to Honesdale Times
wpClass 13ELA G9 CST: Terri's Letter to the Principal
wpClass 14ELA G9 CST: Martin's Letter about Helen Thayer
wpClass 15ELA G9 CST: Cara's Letter to Mayor Lewis
wpClass 16ELA G9 CST: Anabela's Report about Sea Otters
wpClass 17ELA G9 CST: Eva's Report about Popcorn
wpClass 18ELA G9 CST: Student Report about Ernest Shackleton
wpClass 19ELA G9 CST: Arlene's Report about Women of the American Revolution