The reading tests in this course are designed to look like the state and national tests. Different types of literature and informational texts,multiple-choice and short-answer questions, integrated questions will be tested.

Module 1Erik's First Job (Reading Test 1)
wpClass 1Erik's First Job (Reading Test 1 Part 1) 
wpClass 2Jobs Wanted (Reading Test 1 Part 2) 
Module 2Mr. X and Mrs. Y (Reading Test 2)
wpClass 1Mr.X and Mrs.Y (Reading Test 2 Part 1) 
wpClass 2Martha’s baby-sitting adventures (Reading test 2 Part 2) 
Module 3Superstar (Reading test 3)
wpClass 1Superstar (Reading test 3 Part 1) 
wpClass 2Switching Jobs (Reading test 3 Part 2) 
Module 4Civil War ( Reading Test Part 4)
wpClass 1Civil War (Reading Test Part 4) 
wpClass 2Boston Tea Party (Reading Test 5) 
wpClass 3Abigail Adams (Reading Test 6)