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International School Key Stages
International School Key Stages

Our Anthology

Our online learning curriculum is built on the framework of 4 key learning stages. We strive towards a balance between fundamentals and challenging content so the student can think critically and independently. 

Who We Are

ixiEnglish was founded in  2016. We started out in Shanghai with only 1 bilingual school (international curriculum for local students) in the city.  Today, with more than 250 bilingual schools established, we have expanded our online classes to offer K12 academic reading, writing and speaking .

What We Do

  • Helping student transit their learning mindset and build relevant skills towards international school model
  • Rigorous testing of sourced reading, writing and speech materials allow students to gain confidence during exams
  • Continuous updates to the ever-changing formats of examinations
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Monthly Plan entitles you to 1 Exam paper access code for unlimited students valid for 30 days.

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After purchase, access code will be given to account holder and email address registered. Go to exam link and start paper. Results will be shown immediately after test.

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Instructors will be able to see the detailed breakdown of questions in email address registered.

Flexible Options

We cater to your school needs. Find out more about our plans.

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