Comprehension Check: Genre
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Comprehension Check: Genre
Question #1: Why is fantasy commonly the first genre of storytelling that children are exposed to?
Question #2: In your own words, how do you know that Disneyland's Fantasy land is appropriate to the genre "fantasy"?
Question #3: In your own words, describe the word and meaning of "fantasy."
Question #4: Fill in the blank with the correct word.

Fantasy uses _______________________ or a_________________________ component as a primary plot element.
Question #5: Fill in blank with correct words.

__________________________ and ________________________ are examples of the second type of fantasy story, which begins in the real world and then moves into a fantasy world.
Question #6: Fill in the sentence with the correct words.

The portal used in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, is_______________.
Question #7: Fill in the blanks with the correct words.

I know that Sleeping Beauty fits the genre fantasy because __________________.
Question #8: One purpose of fantasy is____________.
Question #9: Walt Disney opened Disneyland in ____________.
Question #10: How do we know that Mary Poppins is a part of the genre fantasy?
Question #11: The portal in Harry Potter is represented by________.

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