Standardized Test Tutor: Reading, Grade 4 Michael Priestley, Scholastic Teaching Resources

Module 1Level 1 : Lesson Test
wpClass 1Lesson Test 1: The Three Wishes
wpClass 2Lesson Test 2: The Power of Wind
wpClass 3Lesson Test 3: A Night Like This
wpClass 4Lesson Test 4: Growing Up with Harry Potter
wpClass 5Lesson Test 5 : Left- Field Leah
wpClass 6Lesson Test 6: Fantastic Finds and Dinosaur Puzzle
Module 2Level 2: Practice Test
wpClass 1Practice Test 1: Forgetful Nick
wpClass 2Practice Test 2: The Shining Light
wpClass 3Practice Test 3: The Beach
wpClass 4Practice Test 4: Park Department Has Big Plans
wpClass 5Practice Test 5: One-Eye, Two-Eyes, Three- Eyes
wpClass 6Practice Test 6: Chewing Gum, Then and Now
Module 3Level 3: Simulated Tests
wpClass 1Mock Test 1: Home Repair
wpClass 2Mock Test 2: A Trip Down the Mississippi
wpClass 3Mock Test 3: Friendship
wpClass 4Mock Test 4: How the Beatles Made History
wpClass 5Mock Test 5: Heron and Hummingbird
wpClass 6Mock Test 6: Learning to Fly/Blanche Scott, Fearless Flyer