Students who complete the activities in this course will become familiar with the kinds of questions they will see on “real” tests, and they will have new strategies for achieving better test scores.

Module 1Getting the Main Idea (Lesson)
wpClass 1Getting the main idea : Lesson
wpClass 2Getting the main idea : Practice test (Part 1)
wpClass 3Getting the main idea : First Lady of Solo Percussion
wpClass 4Getting the main idea : Practice Test (Part 3)
Module 2Understanding Texts - (Lesson)
wpClass 1Understanding Texts : Lesson
wpClass 2Understanding Texts : Practice Test (Part 1)
wpClass 3Understanding Texts : Practice Test (Part 2)
Module 3Making Inferences - (Lesson)
wpClass 1Making Inference : Lesson
wpClass 2Making Inferences - Practice Test
wpClass 3Reading Literature - Lesson
wpClass 4Reading Literature - Practice Test
wpClass 5Making Judgments - Lesson
wpClass 6Making Judgments - Practice Test